WA Labor :: METRONET: New airport rail line by mid-2018

METRONET: New airport rail line by mid-2018

Date:  29 January 2013

WA Labor will build a 10.5 kilometre rail line to Perth Airport by mid-2018 as part of the METRONET rail system, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the estimated total cost of the Perth Airport rail line was $731.5million, including rail and road infrastructure (excluding rail cars). The project will start during 2014-15, with a completion date in mid-2018.

It will be the first project of WA Labor's eight-year, $3.8billion METRONET priority program to build Western Australia a world-class rail network to tackle Perth's congestion crisis.

The METRONET priority program includes: the North Circle line, including the Morley-Ellenbrook line; sections of the South Circle line, including the Perth Airport line to Forrestfield, and connecting Thornlie to the Mandurah line; the extension of the Clarkson line to Yanchep; the extension of the Armadale line to Byford; new stations at Atwell and Karnup; and additional new rail cars.

"WA Labor is the only party in this election with a real plan to fix Perth's congestion crisis," Mr McGowan said.

"WA Labor will build a rail line to Perth Airport by 2018, as the first stage of METRONET's South Circle Line. The line will include new rail stations at Airport West/Redcliffe, Perth Airport and Forrestfield/High Wycombe.

"If current passenger growth rates continue, it is likely Perth Airport will have more than 20 million annual passenger movements by 2020. This will place extra pressures on the airport and the roads leading to it.

"Perth needs a rail line to the airport to ease road congestion and provide better services for tourists and business travelers. If elected, WA Labor will deliver the airport rail line as part of METRONET.

"Main Roads estimates it currently takes 53 minutes for people living in Forrestfield and Kalamunda to drive to the city during peak periods.

"WA Labor's airport rail line will allow them to make the journey within 40 minutes, creating a major incentive to leave cars at home."

Mr McGowan said the Barnett Government's proposed airport rail line included a tunnel of almost 5 kilometres, making it prohibitively expensive and unlikely to ever be built.

"WA Labor is only Party with a history of delivering rail," he said.

"The Liberal Party has not built a centimetre of operating rail in Perth and has a history of broken promises, including the Ellenbrook rail line.

"WA Labor has the right priorities and a realistic plan to solve Perth's congestion crisis."

Mr McGowan said today's announcement focused on construction and associated infrastructure. WA Labor would make further announcements on the purchase of rolling stock.