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WA Labor's Office Bearers

State Secretary: Patrick Gorman

WA Labor's State Secretary has three main compenents to their role. Firstly, to administer the Labor Party in Western Australia as a membership organisation. Secondly, to be the Party's State Campaign Director, taking responsibility for the conduct of all campaigns, State and Federal, in Western Australia. Thirdly, to fundraise for the Party.

Assistant State Secretary: Lenda Oshalem

The Assistant State Secretary assists the State Secretary in the conduct of all duties directed by the State Secretary and in the State Secretary's absence assumes the position of Acting State Secretary.

President: Peter Tinley

The President's role is to preside at all State Conference, State Executive and Adminstrative Committee meetings and manage the discussion tabled for consideration. The President's role also includes when necessary, to call special meetings of the State Executive and Administrative Committee in conjunction with the State Secretary. The Rules of the Party are, when necessary, enforced by the President as well as appointing any necessary delegation and reporting on those matters dealt with to the next meeting of the State Executive.

Senior Vice-President: Steve McCartney

Junior Vice Presidents: Tim Dawson & Carolyn Smith

The role of both the Junior and Senior Vice-Presidents is to attend all meetings of State Conference, State Executive and Administrative Committee. They must assist the President in the conduct of those meetings and preside in the absence of the President at those meetings.

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